Watch Out for Fake Roulette Systems

Roulette wheel

Roulette is a popular online casino game and it is also one that attracts much attention at land casinos. This classic casino game has been a top choice for many years and over time, players have developed systems that are used when betting. Some claim that the use of roulette systems can drastically increase payouts and even improve your chances of winning.

While some players have had success using certain roulette systems, many of these are fake. As a real money player, you need to learn about fake systems and determine whether they should be used when placing real money wagers. Below, we take a look at some of the popular roulette systems that are used today and discuss whether these are actually beneficial when placing monetary wagers on the game.

Why Roulette Systems Exist

Many online casinos will present strategies that can help players win more when they place wagers. The goal of any online casino is to make money, so they will entice players with systems that may not actually work. Fake roulette systems will often attract new players, and while they appear to be quite tempting, they are deceptively presented.

Roulette systems are said to increase overall payouts by altering how one bets while playing the game. These fake systems are not a guarantee to win. In fact, most will quickly deplete a bankroll without offering any advantages.

The Martingale System

This is one of the more popular roulette systems that are being used and it is also referred to as the roulette double-up strategy. It is quite simple to use. Players will place their initial roulette bet. If they lose that round, they will double the bet amount. This process will be repeated until a win is enjoyed. After that win, players will start back at their initial bet amount and repeat the system.

The problem with this system is the rapidly increasing bet amounts. In many cases, players will not win before they have reached the maximum allowed bet at the tables. While some players have found this system to offer some decent returns, this only happens when winning early in the sequence of betting.

While the win amount possible is quite attractive after doubling bets a few times, it is not common for players to actually reap these benefits. In most cases, the bankroll will be depleted far before these exciting wins happen.

The Fibonacci System

This is another roulette betting system that is very similar to the Martingale system. This system is based on the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, which is 1-1-2-3-4-8-13-21-34-55 and so on. Each number is the sum of t eh two previous numbers. When using this system, players will place their first bet based on the first number in the sequence. Every time they lose, they move to the next number and bet the corresponding amount. When a win is enjoyed, the player will move two numbers in reverse.

While this strategy may not be as easy to follow as the Martingale, it is a popular one that is used by high rollers. With this strategy, a single win will not be enough to recap all losses in a series of bets. Though thought to be a beneficial roulette system, this is just another fake system that cannot guarantee any wins at the table.

Better Strategies than Systems

The two systems mentioned are the most popular used when playing roulette, but there are others as well. You may hear of the D’Alembert Strategy or the Labouchere Strategy. Both of these are similar to the others, where bet sized are increased based on the outcome of the game. These are all fake systems that will not result in any monetary gains for the casual player.

One great strategy is to know what bets offer high volatility. These bets are usually the best option for the player. Winning low volatility bets usually result in players ending with a bankroll that was close to their starting amount. With high volatility bets, you will win larger amounts, thus offering a better chance at earning profits.

If you are looking to engage in real money roulette, the constant bet strategy may be the best option. With his, you will simply place the same monetary bet on each game that is played. Another option is a constant proportion strategy, where your bet amounts will be equal to a certain percentage of your current bankroll.

The Myths of Systems and Strategies

The problem with all roulette systems and strategies is that none have been proven. The exception is advantage play, which is not specifically a system and it genuinely beats roulette in some conditions. While systems may offer successful wagers at times, they do not increase your chances of winning or alter the RTP of the game. If you are interested in testing these fake systems on your own, it is best to play some free roulette games where you will not be risking real money. You can then take all the time you need to see that these systems really do not offer the benefits that many claim.

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