Professor R Johansen Roulette Computers

This is another one of Mark Anthony Howe’s web sites under fake names. The fake names are almost definitely to escape a terrible reputation. Mark’s latest fake name is Professor R Johansen. He claims to be from Sweden (recently changed to Norway). The address and phone number given is a fabrication. His last notorious claim was that the UK Gaming Commission tested and endorsed his, which is false. Most experienced forum members and circles in the gaming industry and well aware of Mark’s behavior and the extent of his manipulation. Recently he was banned from the Gamblers Glen forum for impersonating the clients of his competitor. Although Mark was banned, he still frequently pretends to be players of this competitor under other names as a means to compete. Mark Howe denies he is “R Johansen”, but Johansen once owned a roulette computer review site that gave great reviews for Mark’s computers, and called all others scammed. Now Mark strangely owns this site. I suspect Mark was forced to admit he owned the self-review site.

VERDICT: Mark Howe is incredibly manipulative and Ronny Johansen does not exist.

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