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All roulette system reviews are from first-hand experience both from myself and others from the largest and most credible roulette forums (, and Also see the best ad-free gambling forum here. While it may be disappointing to see almost all systems are completely ineffective, it is in fact the truth. This site also provides you with free roulette tips, information regarding how to win at roulette, free roulette systems & strategies, and various free downloads and resources like online roulette casino bonuses for new accounts. You can also add roulette strategy reviews at or you can add one here by contacting me.

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To sellers who disagree with reviews: This website exists to protect people from scams, NOT to harm you or anyone. If you receive an unfair review, contact me with details and I’ll gladly publicly apologize and amend material if mistakes have been made. Don’t just publish nonsense to attack me. Really I’m an honest person and want truth to be told. Unfortunately attacking me is the typical response, because scammers know they can’t substantiate claims and just want “revenge”. My systems are legitimate “advantage play” even acknowledged by casinos as effective. If you just prefer to attack me anyway, at least try to present honest information. And if you ever need proof my systems are as I claim, contact me and I’ll gladly provide clear proof (including government lab test results, other lab test results, TV documentaries, news articles, scientific journals and more).

Star Rating Guide:

Does not work at allCompletely ineffective or blatant fraud

Almost no effectivenessVery little merit. Waste of time.

Effective only in very rare conditionsUsable only in very rare conditions, but unrealistic in today’s casinos.

Effective in reasonable about of conditonsEffective in a reasonable amount of circumstances.

Effective in common conditionsEffective in common conditions

Effective in all conditionsEffective in all circumstances (the holy grail)

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  1. Fantastic site, saved me from being scammed. I would love to contribute some reviews to keep it going. I have been scammed so many times.

  2. Thanks. It has upset a lot of scammers who have gone to great lengths to discredit me and the reviews. As perhaps I should have expected it. There are many rubbish reviews about me that are made from competitors, so perhaps its not wise to listen to competitors about each other. So everyone can decide for themselves what they believe. Anyone can just buy a system in question and find out for themselves. You cant really rely on independently reviews alone as it is extremely common that competitors attack each other, usually using fake names on various sites.

    Think for yourself and you’ll find the truth about anything. Believe the first thing you read, then you will be misled for sure.

    • Very interesting, and I look forward to studying your theories. Out of curiousity, is there any system for online roulette?

    • Buy any one of the systems and find out for yourself. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure if the reviews are accurate.

  3. first of all I would like to thank you for your web site. You save me money on the roulette guy secret scam. next I would like to know if you know anything about the system called the holy grail. I see that alout on the internet. I like to know what you think of it. hope to here from you soon.thank you russell

  4. Ivan, Mike Caro doesn’t know what he’s talking about. His roulette system is a load of rubbish I’m sorry to tell you.

  5. Dear Readers, I have spent many years studying roulette and have tested all the systems covered on this site except the biased wheel systems and the computers. None of the systems I have tested will win long term when played mechanically. Having said that, I do think it is better to use a system rather than just throwing chips on the table. Although, mathematically it probably doesn’t make that much difference. I feel better about my chances when I have a system that I’ve tested and I know what to expect. And that always includes the reality that I will lose on some of my trips. Try to limit your losses and capitalize on your wins. Easier said than done, I know. Maybe even impossible. Never bet more than you can afford to lose and have fun.

    If you can find a biased wheel it can obviously be exploited with enough time and effort.

    Visual ballistics seems beyond most people’s physical abilities. A computer may be able to capitalize on this if anything can. I don’t gamble enough to justify the expense of mechanical devices so I can’t affirm their effectiveness nor can I speak against them either.

    I feel that Admin is an honorable person with as much knowledge about roulette as anyone on the planet. If you dismiss his critiques of these systems, it may prove to be an expensive lesson.


  6. Hi, how about silverthorne publication, they seem to have different name system of games a few month all the time. for example, they come out with a system called checkmate roullett, iron roulette, attack baccarat, power baccarat, etc. I am on their email list and I got this all the time but I don’t know if they are just selling the system or is their system really work?
    I end out purachaed their baccarat system and lose money so quick, but on their testimoie page, people seem to make easy money so fast and easy.

    Thank you,


  7. Hi,
    I’ll completely understand if you choose to ignore this, but then again, what have I got to loose.
    There are plenty of other directions I can and probably will write to, but I thought I’d start with you.

    In a nutshell.

    I have a roulette system, and can prove it.

    In 3 ways.
    By email.
    Via Skype
    By phone.

    Using any of the above options someone can let me have roulette spins, [real casino spins ] one by one, and after receiving each one I’ll state where and how much I’m betting.
    And we can play for as long as the other party wishes.
    It’ll take about 35 spins to start looking convincing, and about 150 spins for the other person to start sweating in disbelief.

    That’s basically it.

    Why am I doing this ?
    Before I take it further, I thought the best way to start must be there where everyone knows that a real, 100% winning system does not exist … as you are convinced that it doesn’t.
    By 100% I mean that after 5 or 50 spins you can ALWAYS leave the table a winner. Every time.

    thanking you in advance,


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