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I was sent this system for free by one of my own players, and many others have complained. Yet another scam. Amazingly, the sellers managed to convince multiple unsuspecting reporters to have his products promoted by the media – both on TV and in newspapers. Most recently, his roulette system was featured on a current affairs program. In his demonstration, he competed against the reporter who lost their bankroll in 9 (nine) spins by making random flat bets (no progression), although Ron was up a few hundred dollars with betting progression. It is important to understand that over such a short term test, even random bet selection can produce a profit, but this does NOT mean you are beating roulette.

Continued play would have demonstrated Ron’s system will eventually blow the bankroll. An example of what Ron merely demonstrated is as follows: Try betting on red for a few spins. If you lose for a bit, raise your bets. Sure, your bankroll will go up for a bit, but eventually it will crash down like with 99% of other systems. Is it proof of a genuine winning system? No, not at all. Ron claims his system will earn a profit around 98% of the time. This is like saying if I make a single bet on red, I have a 50% chance of profiting – it doesn’t at all change the fact that continued play would lead to a loss.

In one newspaper article, Mr Parsons claimed he would offer his roulette system for free from a specific date. Why? Because he claimed he was not happy with the casino’s use of automated card-shuffling machines. I emailed Ron requesting the free system, but got no response, as I expected. Ron Parsons appears skilled at getting publicity, but there are a lot of gullible reporters around that know nothing about roulette.

Eventually I was sent this system for free by an angry purchasers. Without revealing Ron’s actual system itself, it basically attempts to utilize streaks of reds and blacks, and to use winnings to compound wins. Does it work? No, not in the slightest. Here’s an example:

Say if you start with $10 and bet on red. If you win, you will get back $20, and then bet the entire $20 on red. The odds are as follows:

Spin 1: More than 50% chance you will lose the $10

Spin 2: More than 50% chance you will lose the $20

Every spin is independent, and a streak is not a streak until it is over so you simply cannot use streaks. The only way Ron’s system could possibly work is if after something like 10 reds in a row, the odds of red or black spinning next were any different. However, even if you have 100 reds or blacks in a row, the odds of red or black spinning next are exactly the same – this is very well known to professional players, but not so much to amateur gamblers. See the Truth about Roulette at my site. Without a doubt, Ron does not understand roulette – he is obviously a system seller before a player. He is attempting to beat roulette with a typical gambler’s fallacy. He would no doubt know his system is not a long term winner, but he has manipulated media into believing otherwise.

The Ron Parsons Casino Busters International website is professional-looking, and makes various claims designed to convince the reader that they are “the real professionals” that have developed their methods over many years of research, and hundreds of thousands of spins. They also claim that in a 290 day testing period, their system did not fail to lose. In a nutshell, it is all utter BS. Truly I cannot fathom how ruthlessly dishonest some system sellers can be, and they prey upon decent people that also don’t understand, or perhaps have limited understanding of how dishonest some people can be. I have no doubt that if CBI had spent as much time on research and development as they claim, they wouldn’t have come up with such a poor system. To any professional roulette player, you need only glance over their system to immediately know it is a scam. It is a very simplistic and irrefutably ineffective system that has been designed by an amateur.

VERDICT: Ron Parsons Casino busters international (CBI) have a professional website, and fantastic claims, but it’s just nonsense. Even based on the website material alone, to any professional it is clear the system seller doesn’t really understand what can and cannot beat roulette. When it comes to the system itself, it is clearly designed by someone that doesn’t have the vaguest idea what the house edge is, how to overcome it, and how roulette can be legitimately beaten. If you have been scammed by this company, demand a refund. If a refund is refused, report the matter to the ACCC who have a mandate to pursue dishonest corporations – this is why most scammers wont dare operate as a corporation. The system is definitely completely ineffective, and it is not a cheap scam. Their roulette system will set you back over $1000. I don’t have their systems for other casino games (such as blackjack), but if their roulette strategy is an indicator or their other systems and integrity, I suggest you to stay well away from them.

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