Roulette Tips

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Below are some of the most important roulette tips to win at roulette but you can find even more detail at I have developed all kinds of gambling systems for many years, in particularly for roulette as it is the most profitable casino game. If you intend to formulate winning strategies, you will find these free roulette tips to be invaluable:

# 1: Do NOT try to beat online casino roulette unless the wheel is real (live online casinos). It is simply impossible to beat the casino if you are playing against software where there is no real wheel involved. This may be the most important tip I can give, but also the most ignored. Focus your efforts on real wheels.

# 2: Do NOT base systems on increasing or decreasing bet size after winnings or losses. This is called progression. If you use progression where you increase bets after winning or losing, you will only go bankrupt in a spectacular way. If you decrease bet size after winning or losing, you will only lose more slowly. A true winning roulette strategy will win over many spins even when you keep the bet size the same. And if you aren’t first winning with “flat bets (same size), then you are guaranteed to lose with progressive bets.

# 3: NEVER base bets or look for patterns based on the betting table. This is one of the most ignored roulette tips. The table is a scattered representation of the actual wheel, and it is done so purposely to make table-based bets lose. Don’t take the bait. Focus your bets on the actual wheel which is what it’s really all about. Real and usable patterns do exist on the wheel.

# 4: Define your strategy, and stick to it. Absolutely no system can be effective if you don’t have the will or discipline to stick to it.

# 5: Unless you have a long term winning system, set your win and loss limits, and stick to them. Just about every time you go into the casino you can generate at least a small profit. But with an ineffective approach to playing roulette, you will only eventually lose. In other words, walk when you’ve won enough, and walk if you’ve lost what you wee prepared to lose. Don’t get greedy because greed is one of the major weapons a casino uses against you. That’s why if you win very big, some casinos will give you free accommodation – they want you to hang around longer and lose your winnings.

# 6: Don’t drink alcohol at the table. It will lead to costly mistakes if you wish to play professionally, and stupid decisions if you are playing for fun.

# 7: Understand there is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed and foolproof system. However, that does not mean genuinely effective techniques cannot be devised and applied. A system that wins 100% of the time is called the “holy grail”, and it just doesn’t exist. You can waste time trying to find it, but it is like trying to avoid death and taxes.

# 8: Don’t make outside bets (i.e. colors, dozens etc.) as they are mathematically balanced to ensure your eventual loss and a depleted bankroll. in other words, they are designed to make you lose. Only make inside bets that are based on wheel sectors.

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