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Casino Buster

Casino Buster

The Dr Neubauer casino buster roulette system is a long surviving scam. I don’t believe the seller is a “Dr” of anything.

The best winning roulette system is at www.rouletteadvantageplay.com. And www.roulette-computers.com has hidden computers that predict spins.

The fact that his casino buster system uses flat bets system is what convinced me to buy. This is because as any dedicated roulette player should know, unless a system wins with flat bets, it won’t win with progression. After numerous emails, I eventually received a refund. Perhaps the only way any such scam can survive is by giving refunds to people that persist. If I had accepted his initial rejected of my refund request, I wouldn’t have received a refund. Since my experience, I have received emails from other people stating how when you ask for a refund, Neubauer doesn’t respond unless you really persist. Nevertheless, his systems have now been widely circulated on roulette forums, tested, and found to fail.

NOTE: Neubauer’s Casino Buster system is NOT the Casino Busters system offered by Ron Parsons Casino Busters International.

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