Mark Howe Roulette Computer

This is a roulette computer device that is supposed to predict where the ball will land. The seller has created many different versions. I have two of them, which includes the Psion 3a and mobile phone version. I purchased the Psion version myself, and was sent the mobile phone version for free by another player. Also see the downloadable document created by other purchasers that also consider it a scam.

Ultimately I found both devices to be nowhere near as sophisticated or accurate as the seller claimed. While it is not uncommon for a business-owner to advertise their product in the best possible light, this seller takes things to extremes. His blatantly false claims are why I’m calling this device a scam.

For example, he claimed a UK government lab (UK National Measurements Lab) tested his computer and found it was one of the only computers in the world that beat unbiased level wheels. The lab’s response to the claim is:

“I hereby confirm that no such testing or endorsement of his device has taken place.” – Paul Dixon, Director of Certification Services National Measurement Office, Ph 020 8943 7282

Mark also claimed the UK Gambling Commission tested his device and found it was the only one to beat roulette. The gambling commission confirmed Mark’s claim was false, and stated:

“Mark Howe has been brought to the attention of the Gambling Commission on a previous occasion and we would advise you not to purchase this product. The commission has received previous complaints regarding this individual and these have been passed to the Office of Fair Trading.” – Thomas Allmark, Licensing Administrator, UK Gaming Commission, Ph: 0121 230 6666

Mark Makes his false claims mostly under fake names like the one shown here. You’ll noticed in this one here he even claims the Ritz players used his computer (a famous team that won millions). His misleading posts like this are throughout the Internet:

False positive reviews

False positive reviews

Mark also claimed the Guardian Newspaper witnessed a demonstration of his roulette computer beating a level roulette wheel at his “mansion”. The reporter confirmed the wheel was tilted, which is a type of wheel that’s very easily beaten and doesn’t even require a computer to beat. The reporter also confirmed they met at at the house shown below:

Mark Howe's so-called mansion

Location of demo to Guardian Newspaper

NOTE: The property address was released by Mark himself, but he may not have known the photo was on Google maps

Professional players that visited Mark witnessed an unconvincing demonstration on a defective roulette wheel. After they published their findings, Mark claimed they were all drunk. After Mark was banned from the forum, one of the players said to the forum admin:

If you recall Fishman, i did say that this Mark Howy character was completely insane and had no place in this forum, on the end all i could do is warn people about this man. 4 of us met him and we realized he lived in a make believe world, the outrageous lies which follow our visit just was confirmation of his mental condition. Maybe, just maybe your decision will help him to seek medical advice. He was 24/7 on this site and i must admit i will miss him as an entertainment, his non stop lying was really hilarious. He went over the top with the first thread where he invented all these characters, that was rightly deleted then there was that other crazy man Franky insulting everyone daring to question his master. All in all, you can meet some “strange” characters on the net and from what i know MH sure had a run on this site, in others he was quickly found out as a complete nutter and banned quickly. Despite of all the nasty things he said about me, I am not angry with the man as he is very sick and i could get into many more details about him but my last word to him will be R.I.P.” – Professional Gambler that visited Mark Howe personally

Mark has also impersonated government staff and appears to have no limit to how far he’s prepared to go to sell his product. I can’t possibly list everything he has done.

Mark’s latest computers is the Evo. It is very similar to a “thumper device”, which is a very basic device with comparable accuracy to the free visual ballistics system I release at This is because it uses the typical roulette computer algorithm explained at But to be fair, I don’t have his latest computers and perhaps he improved his technology. Although from his latest demonstration videos for his new computers, it is very easy to reverse-engineer the algorithms his computers use, and they are identical to the basic algorithms explained at This means it still will not beat modern wheels in reasonable condition.

Mark has changed many of his videos after people analyze them and reveal deception. There have been many over the years, with a recent one being the one with his computer giving blinking lights. He claims the computer’s light blinks when the ball is above the predicted number. But check carefully and you’ll find this is not the case. Watch the video in slow motion and you will notice:

1. The light pulses are all at the same timing interval. So it is clearly nothing but a simplistic thumper. Check for yourself. If the computer did what he claimed, the intervals would be different because the ball decelerates.

2. The light pulses occur when the ball is over different numbers. If the device did what he claimed, the pulses would be over the same numbers.

This is not a matter of opinion, and you can check the video yourself. It proves the accuracy he was demonstrated was due to mere luck. There’s also no way of knowing how many different video recordings he made before creating one with positive results. Regardless, I believe Mark’s latest computers are more created out of necessity for him, because his other computers are now being given for free by his upset purchasers.

Complaints from other purchasers:

I’ve been contacted by many people who purchased Mark’s computers and believed them to be a scam. While it is possible these purchasers simply didn’t understand the product, I don’t believe this is the case because I’ve tested two of Mark’s computers myself and know his claims are false. Furthermore, many of Mark’s other purchasers (including experienced players) also tested and found terrible results. One of them even sent me Mark’s mobile phone version for free.

One of the variations to Mark’s sales approach is you pay him £600 to “evaluate” his roulette computer, then later pay the rest him with profits. But now numerous people have contacted me and claimed they received nothing for their money, and Mark refused to provide any shipping details to prove he actually sent anything. One purchaser is so outraged that he requested we publish his contact details so he can verify everything that happened:

Sam Yousif
2/97 Sherwood rd
2160, Australia
Mobile Phone: +61 447 644 106

Click here to see a copy of the funds transfer from Sam Yousif.

I have been contacted by several others although they don’t want their names published. If you also believe you’ve been scammed, complain at

The remainder of this review is regarding the two computers of Mark’s that I have:

Psion 3a Version:

This is a very basic device that uses the typical roulette computer algorithms. If you are familiar with visual ballistics, then one way of saying it is it does exactly what visual ballistics does. That is you take timings of the rotor and ball, and the computer approximates the winning number. Then you test about 60 or so spins to determine how far the ball is actually landing from the original (un-tuned) predictions. You then adjust the distance by however many pockets is needed. There is nothing more to this device and for it to work, you need a very predictable wheel that you wont find in modern casinos.

It has a “level” wheel setting, but it is very poor and gives random predictions. This is clear because if you attempt to repeatedly predict the same spin on DVD, each time you will get very different predictions. So the computer cannot even accurately process timings. Mark claims that my test results of his computer were poor because he deliberately sent me a defective device, apparently because he believed I may be a dubious character. However, every other player who tested the device he sent them has found the same results. I suggest check the roulette computer testing page on my site for advice on how to test computers.

Mobile Phone Version:

This device is terrible appears to do nothing that it should. I assume he failed to test it properly before selling it. Even the audio predictions can barely be heard, because part of the audio file is truncated. For example, if the prediction is 36, you may hear only “thirty-s….”. In the instructions, Mark claims this is a result of a flat battery. In fact it is because the phone’s firmware doesn’t correctly play the audio file, which I know very well because I also develop roulette computers on mobile phones. The predictions themselves appear to have random accuracy, which can be confirmed with basic testing.

I believe this version is rushed and he failed to test it properly. I’ve seen from his Psion model that he understands the basic principles of roulette computer prediction, but I believe he creates his devices purely to be sold for his benefit, without adequate focus on benefiting his purchasers who attempt to profit in casinos.

False Ebay Feedback

Mark claims he has 100% positive ebay feedback. Although he has clearly falsified feedback (also see further details about Mark Howe’s activities). We know this because an Ebay buyer posted on my forums, claiming he had been scammed by Mark with a different product. The username that Mark used to sell the product had also given a great rating to his roulette computers on his other Ebay account. In other words, Mark gave himself positive feedback. It is also very easy to purchase false positive Ebay feedback. I’m not saying all of his feedback is false, but this case is very clear. The individual sent me the following:

I recently purchased a CNC Milling Machine from Mark Anthony Howe. I was sold an item not as described and of inferior quality. When I contacted the seller I received unpleasant replies using scare tactics and Mark threatened to contact the police!Mark also created fake Ebay ID’s and posted on a cnc forum regarding my purchase! A site moderator then confirmed these accounts were from the same IP address and linked his email address to and Marks other online scams.I have also reported Mark Howe to trading standards and have considered contacting the police, although I fear my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my family may be at stake if I escalate this matter to a police investigation.
I also have confirmation and email verification of Marks multiple Ebay ID’s and him purchasing his ebay feedback from HIMSELF!His ebay accounts are:Just to underline that Mark Anthony Howe has something to hideHe has just changed his Ebay ID to:gagdetguru 21-Feb-10 Present
marklovesali 29-Nov-09 21-Feb-10
ali-heath-cook 05-Mar-09 29-Nov-09…dHistory&requested=gagdetguruOther Ebay accounts he uses:roulettecomputers 21-Sep-09 Present
exceptionalcurves 14-Jan-09 21-Sep-09
nichetools 07-Oct-08 14-Jan-09…y&requested=roulettecomputers

Additionally, his ebay profile contains the following:

Ebay user removed after complaining

Ebay user removed after complaining

  • In the case below, the purchaser found the computer didn’t work, but he at least got a forced refund:
Ebay refund

Ebay refund

Basically Mark’s claims of 100% positive feedback are false. Nevertheless I believe it’s great he offers purchase via Ebay, because then you can at least get a refund if you pursue matters. But unfortunately in my experience, his roulette computers are very poor and you will not profit from them. I acknowledge that he may have improved his technology by now, and you can review all the information and decide for yourself.

If you purchase Mark’s computer, expect you will find it is only effective on wheels on DVDs he provides. And when you don’t profit in real casinos, expect he will tell you that you aren’t using the computer correctly. In almost every complaint I receive about him, this is the result. I assume he relies on convincing purchasers that his device’s accuracy can be verified on his video recorded spins of easily beaten wheels, and that failure to profit in real casinos is through no fault of his own. But simple testing can reveal whether or not Mark’s computers do what he claims. One particular user confronted Mark with his test results, and Mark responded by claiming the problem was a particular file on the phone that had to be deleted. The file was in fact the entire roulette computer software and if it was deleted, the user would be left with nothing but a phone. I suspect that Mark was concerned the purchaser would release the software since he discovered that Mark had been dishonest, and the device didn’t perform as advertised.

There have been such cases and while I have permission to publish details such as email transcripts, I believe there’s already enough information for you to make up your own mind.

VERDICT: Essentially I found Mark’s computers to be very poor and nowhere near what he claims. I’ve been contacted by other people who found the same, and you can contact many of them on roulette forums. I acknowledge that Mark “could” have improved his technology by now, but this does not appear to be the case based on the latest complaints I receive about him. Additionally, from his videos it is clear that his latest computers still only apply a very simplistic algorithm, identical to visual ballistics. While this is the case, his computers are likely to only beat his wheel on your DVD player. In consideration of Mark’s clear history of manipulation, I cannot say he isn’t running a scam. If you have been influenced by Mark’s false claims, and also find his computer does not perform as he states, I suggest report him to the police. See the simple testing page so you can determine whether or not his device performs as he claims.

NOTE: Mark’s manipulation is extensive and relentless, so see more details about Mark Howe here.

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