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The Don Young infallible roulette system is $10,000, but does it actually work? No, unless you find a wheel that is so incredibly biased (defective) that the ball almost always lands in the same wheel sector.

Part of the theory behind the system is based on the law of a third, which states that after any amount of spins, about a third of them will be repeats. But in no way can this principle be used to formulate a winning roulette strategy. In fact, anyone creating a roulette strategy based on this principle clearly does not understand the science of gaming.

The only part of the method that is potentially valid takes advantage of biased wheels. I don’t think Don intended this to be the case though. More specifically, the method relies on you making bets on specific sectors after the ball lands in them numerous times. In other words, the method detects “hot sectors”. However, the procedures used by this strategy can only possibly be effective if the bias is extremely strong – to the extent where I don’t believe any suitable wheel has ever existed. Put in simpler terms, the system relies on the ball landing in the same sector so frequently that it will almost never happen, unless the wheel is enormously flawed to the extent where it is plainly visible in as few as 10-20 spins. Such wheels simply don’t exist in modern casinos, and I doubt they ever existed in the history of roulette.

Additionally, so few spins qualify for bets that application is extremely impractical. In fact, even after an hour or so of observing spins, often only one spin may qualify for a bet. So even if the strategy were effective, it would be far too impractical. Nevertheless, I tested the Don Young infallible roulette system his system against 50,000 real spins from Spielbank Hamburg and on average, bets only qualified once every 50 or so spins. I really wanted to test this system thoroughly and it literally took days, but the end result was -280 units. This is far from an infallible system.

Don Young’s guarantee is that his system wins against the Zumma tester book (15,000 real casino spins), which it does. But after testing it over my own set of real spins, I’m convinced his system was “reverse engineered” solely for the 15,000 spins which is something anyone can do.

VERDICT: I find it difficult to believe this is anything but an expensive scam. Why? Because surely a system seller would know if their system worked or not. And if they know it doesn’t work and still sell it, then it’s what I’d call a “scam”. The method is very poor, and far from infallible. Whether or not Don realizes it, the strategy can be adapted to wheels exhibiting an inconceivably strong bias. For this reason, it received one star. However, realistically, suitable wheels do not exist in modern casinos, and may have never existed.

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  1. I got this system from a forum and needless to say it tanks like most systems. The person who originally paid for it mentioned the zumma testing book in which 15,000 real spins are used to test the system. You mentioned it in your review. Anyone can make a system to only win against particular spins. I dont think the system even deserves 1 star.

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