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Richard Grace Barbi

Richard Grace Barbi

I wouldn’t call Richard a scammer as he does appear to believe what he says, but I don’t believe he really knows what he’s talking about. You only need to download his so-called “proof” to see it’s not really proof at all. His system documents, as is his site, are unfortunately poorly written and difficult to follow. When you really get to the core of his system, you see it’s a common losing approach just repackaged a different way. Richard does seem like a nice guy but unfortunately his systems offer nothing new and lose in the long term. And unfortunately now for giving my opinion, he’s added information to discredit me on his website. Nevertheless if he provides me with any convincing information that indicated I’m wrong, I’ll gladly make a public apology and amend my comments.

Really I’m not the only system seller saying another system doesn’t work. But the difference is I actually tell the truth, and I’m not attacking anyone personally. I’m also open to receiving new information or proof that I’m wrong about what I find are losing systems. The courtesy is not reciprocated by competitors, who aren’t interested in what they say about me is true or not. Their intentions are to harm me from spite, without consideration of the truth.

VERDICT: I’m sorry Richard. Your systems don’t appear to have any merit.

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