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Roulette Sniper

Roulette Sniper is a well-promoted and blatant scam – you will find advertisements for it are very widespread. You may find various articles that are written by sellers and clickbank affiliates of the software. You’ll find various videos of its application that to a novice may seem like convincing proof of effectiveness. Typically when a system or software can be sold by others for a commission, you will find many positive but blatantly inaccurate and fraudulent reviews of the system. Such positive reviews may appear convincing and independent, but they are nothing more than part of a scam.

As per the usual scam, the website tells you just want you want to hear. Additionally, the so-called proof is not really proof of anything except dishonest attempts to manipulate roulette players. The video demos are so short that random betting can do just as well. Even testimonials are published, which based on the system’s performance, are almost certainly faked which is far from uncommon with gambling system sales. Whether or not the screenshots of the sellers bank account are authentic are irrelevant – for all you know, the seller made his money scamming people.

The actual software is well designed and professional, but the actual system is not at all effective. It uses outside betting strategies, various ineffective principles and gambler’s fallacies that leave you with a guaranteed eventual loss. At a price of $39.95, the software itself wont damage you much. Instead, it is more the money you lose while applying the software that does the damage. If you test the software with an online casino’s play for fun mode, sure you’ll win, because the casino’s software is often programmed to let you win – until you play for real. This is not uncommon at all, and one example is (which is not even a USA casino at all). Many people have contacted me to report the roulette sniper software – some have lost thousands to online casinos as a result. This obviously doesn’t concern the seller because they’ve made their money, and continue to manipulate and harm many people.

VERDICT: Persistent scam. The system is obviously designed by someone with very little knowledge of roulette. Roulette sniper is of the systems I receive the most complaints about. The purchase price wont set you back much, but I suggest save yourself time and money.

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