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This system has extensively been distributed for free on the roulette forums, by angry customers who were scammed. In addition, I’ve been directly sent copies. The sales material should raise red flags, with promises of a system that never loses. Also the site is loaded with video testimonials which are very clearly paid testimonials, just as another system seller does explained below:

False Testimonials

False Testimonials

As for the system itself, the document is 9 pages long and filled with simplistic nonsense. It starts out explaining about the law of a third, which is a classic case of gambler’s fallacy – it is a bogus law that has been tested countless times and it in no way increases a player’s chances of winning. Then it goes on to explain a method where you bet on “hot numbers” that appear in a 24 spin cycle – again it is nonsense. Rather than be one single system roulette guy secret is more a collection of short paragraphs explaining simple systems. Another example is basically “see what numbers win in 80 spins, and bet the “hot numbers” for a few more spins. No I’m not kidding. There is inclusion of methods like dealer signature, although his understanding of the principles is completely simplistic and wrong.

In all, I believe the system creator spent 1 or 2 hours maximum creating his system and documentation. His angry customers have attacked him on my forums like so he’s attacked my site with various legal threats which I don’t have time for. Unfortunately telling the truth has brought me many unsavory people who don’t like me, but it never changes what I say.

VERDICT: Fraudulent. Fake reviews, outrageous claims, losing system. It doesn’t get any clearer.

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  1. I searched throughout the internet for a free copy of this system, which i didnt have the money to buy. It looked pretty convincing, and lots of youtube videos about it. I hope many people come to know this review site because it have helped me detect that Rouletteguysecret is SCAM. Thank you steve. I also read the posts of angry customers in the roulette forums. They were reallly dissatisfied especially when their money cannot be refunded.

    Steve you save my day from continous strainous searching for this shitbag software.

  2. While every system has its fair share of good and bad reviews, it definitely pays to do careful research. As the front page says, I get attacked for exposing scams and get called a scammer myself. Good thing for me I dont care anymore. With roulette guy secret, it is well promoted so the good reviews are easier to find.

  3. roulette guy secret is available for free here: xxxx

    > mod note: please dont post copyrighted material, scam or not. I removed the link

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